Project Description

Miami’s Pit Fall

Miami’s Pit Fall is a story of Love, Fear and Discrimination.

Motion Graphics Designer, Colorist and assisted with Video Editing for the award winning documentary Miami’s Pit Fall.

In 1989, Miami Dade County passed the controversial Pit Bull ordinance banning all Pit Bull dogs in the county. Wiggle Waggle Tails Productions first documentary, MIAMI’S PIT FALL, examines the aftermath 23 years after the ban was first passed and offers an in-depth look at some of the residents whose lives were affected as a result. This film also showcases interviews with pit bull owners, activists, and facts that this breed is no more dangerous than any other dog.  This film is to help educate the community to understand more about this breed.

OFFICIAL SELECTION of 2013 Brouhaha Video and Film Showcase, Showcased in 2013 Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, and 2014 Cocoa Beach Film Festival.

A Film by Andrea Seamans
Produced by Yesenia Rodriguez
Co-Produced and Narrated by Maria Garcia
Photography by Andres Hernandez and Fred Baptiste
Music By Le’Darius Nixon and Andres Hernandez
Unit Production Manager: Michelle Suarez