Project Description

Director, editor and visual effects for the official music video of the song “New World Order” by Jackson Wyld.

Jackson Wyld was born in Peru, of Indian descend, he moved to the U.S. at the age of 9. At 14 he was already writing poetry and by 15 he began toseriously pursue his interest in music. Jackson entered the recording scene early, but was soon tangled in the club hopping scene at the age of 19 .Living and partying like a rock star throughout the years, Jackson lost interest in music and his dream of a serious music career faded. But a fateful trip back to his homeland would change his life forever.

Upon arriving back to the U.S. he began to understand and see his world differently, still undecided on what road to take, he developed a closer relationship with his grandfather. He listened to his grandfather’s stories for the first time really understood the hardships, tragedies and injustices his grandfather had experienced in life.

The day his grandfather died, a part of Jackson died too. He remembered his grandfather saying to “HELP THOSE IN NEED”. Words he has since lived by and he hopes he will be able to help and inspire those around him through his music.

On 2009, Jackson witnessed an older woman get struck by a car while she was getting of the bus just to pursue another one. Incredibly,
she got up and limped her way to the other bus. As Jackson ran to stop the bus, he told the bus driver to call an ambulance and she replied “NO”. She told him about a new job she had started and finally had health insurance for her and her kids, was 2 months behind on rent and if she went to the hospital she would lose her job, she replied. Stunned and confused, right then and there, Jackson decided that he would do something about it. When he got home, he began to work on the song:

UNEMPLOYED LOVER”, a controversial title but with a lot of meaning. Written, Arranged, Performed and Co-produce by Jackson Wyld (produced by Jackson Wyld and Mark Walker).

By the end of 2009 a Music Video followed the printed T-shirts and powerful Dance Mix (thanks to DJ Noel Sanger) has started to create a buzz in South Florida. “NEW WORLD ORDER” the second single from Jackson Wyld has recently wrapped production and the music video “NEW WORLD ORDER” is a mixture of sounds influenced by strong bands as Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode.

Once again thanks to DJ Noel Sanger “NEW WORLD ORDER” the dance remixes, is a masterpiece.