We respect the hard work that each and every client has committed during years of training whether you are a bodybuilder, competitor, personal trainer, fitness/swimsuit model, enthusiast or fitness professional. Fitness and Bodybuilding photography with Zentient Arts is not restrained to one studio. We schedule appointments at your location, while traveling, locally and after fitness or bodybuilding contests. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will work around your schedule and plans.

Zentient Arts specialize within the Miami Fitness and Bodybuilding photography industry, We combine the relevant knowledge and experience with an innovative, contemporary style to ensure our clients get exactly what they are looking for in a relaxed yet professional environment, whether it be in a studio, gym or on location. We’ve been photographing fitness athletes, bodybuilders, models, gyms and conventional athletes for many years. Using only the right camera, lens and lighting to capture movement, color and timing–the factors that are considered essential to every style of photo.

We take pride in what we do to ensure our clients receive the best photoshoot to get better results. Fitness and bodybuilding is an art and our photography serves as its canvas to help showcase our clients master work.


Miami Fitness and Bodybuilding Photography

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