Zentient Arts is proud to announce a new film project we are working on with Open Door Film Productions. The name of the film is “Protector” and it is directed by Jennifer Joy O’Grady. We are honored to do the visual effects and poster design for the film.

Film Synopsis

Dove has always been different, possibly misunderstood, and is weary of making new friends, afraid they will discover her uniqueness and shun her for it.  When a mysterious but apparently kind and wise young man, Nehemiah, is brought into her path, he recognizes the similar special gifts within her. He instantly understands his purpose is to protect and equip her. Their uniqueness and unity causes unwelcome attention from a group of bullies. Instead of using their powers to destroy, they make sacrificial choices to heal. Dove discovers the real power of staying true to who she truly is no matter what comes against.